banshee hangs or crashes when attempting to import files

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banshee hangs or crashes when attempting to import files

i have just done a fresh install of mint, i am using Tara with Cinnamon

i put all the music back on my hard drive and installed banshee. i replaced
the banshee folder in home/user/.config with my previously backed up
banshee-1 folder. and all my music was showing up in banshee and also the
play counts and ratings. i thought it had gone well.

then i tried to import a folder with new mp3s and it froze as soon as i
clicked import.

sometimes it freezes and sometimes it quits banshee when i try to import, it
never works.

what i have tried:
reinstall banshee from command line and through packet manager.
using mate instead of cinnamon.
using a different user account without any music library to start with, just
the import of a new folder.

always freezes or quits.

What is the issue and how may i be able to fix it?
i am happy to post error logs if you tell me where i can find them.
thanks for your thoughts!

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