Ubuntu Studio 14.04 - Mirage Extension gone?!

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Ubuntu Studio 14.04 - Mirage Extension gone?!

Hi, I registered to this list because after upgrading from Ubuntu Studio 13.10 to 14.04 the "Mirage" Extension (Music Similarity) is gone, and after two days of research I only found some "has been deleted" comments but no reasons whatsoever.

Since Mirage is the ONLY (working) software under Linux that even remotely resembles the former "MusicIP" software, and actually was my reason to finally move from Windows to Linux, I'm now bitterly disappointed. Especially since I took days over days to have my collection of almost 40.000 songs computed by Mirage.

For me, Mirage (or formerly, MusicIP) was a great tool to re-discover my big music collection in new ways and even come up with fresh ideas for interesting radio shows (being a part-time music journalist and music editor).

Does anyone know if the Mirage Extension is gone forever (why?) or just needs some adjustments for ubuntu 14.04, and will come back (PLEASE!)?

Thank you!