Seek Slider event on click and scroll patch

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Seek Slider event on click and scroll patch

The following patch enables the SeekSlider to jump when clicked
adjacent to the current position indicator.

value/10 is only a suggestion an should probably be some fixed time
interval like 10secs or so.

- Karl

Index: src/Core/Banshee.Widgets/Banshee.Widgets/SeekSlider.cs
--- src/Core/Banshee.Widgets/Banshee.Widgets/SeekSlider.cs (revision 4119)
+++ src/Core/Banshee.Widgets/Banshee.Widgets/SeekSlider.cs (working copy)
@@ -119,6 +119,8 @@
             get { return Adjustment.Upper; }
             set {
                 Adjustment.Upper = value;
+ SetIncrements(value/10, value/10);
                 EventHandler handler = DurationChanged;
                 if(handler != null) {
                     handler(this, new EventArgs());
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