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Searching for CD metadata failed

Roderich Schupp

some CDs seem to have problems when Banshee tries to get their
metadata from Musicbrainz.
I successfully tried several CDs, but for "Henry Threadgill's Zooid:
Up popped two lips"
I only get the throbber "Searching for CD metadata..." and nothing else happens.
I sniffed packets and saw the following two HTTP requests (and nothing else).

GET /ws/1/release/?type=xml&limit=2&discid=A17cq1tZzzWwUMwSgcVOjiHv.eI-
GET /ws/1/release/695426cf-fc11-4608-b022-10911390918f?type=xml&inc=release-events+labels+discs+tracks+track-level-rels+artist+artist-rels+release-rels+track-rels+label-rels+url-rels

Both returned HTTP-200 and the XML bodies look totally correct.

This is Banshee 1.0.0 on Debian sid.

Cheers, Roderich
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