Release schedule for Banshee 2.6

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Release schedule for Banshee 2.6

Bertrand Lorentz
Hi everyone,

I realize I've been slacking off, and Banshee has seen any release yet
for the 2.5.x cycle. I plan to fix that, so here's my schedule
proposal for upcoming releases :

2012-08-22  2.5.0 release - Feature freeze - String freeze
2012-09-12  2.5.1 release
2012-09-27  2.6.0 tarball available
2012-10-03  2.6.0 release announcement

Some comments:
1/ I know this means we won't have much development release, but I
think we should keep our 6 months rhythm.
2/ For the major release, the time between the tarball availability is
increased from 3 days to 6 days, to leave us enough time to produce
binaries: Linux packages, Windows installer and OSX bundle.
3/ Time between the last bugfixes-only releases is increased from 2 to
3 weeks, to have more time for users to test them and provide feedback
and bug reports.

Before anyone asks, Banshee 2.6 will still depend on GTK 2.x. We still
need to get a release of GTK# 3.0 out before we can merge the Banshee
gtk3 branch. See this thread for more info and how you can help us
achieve this:

Happy hacking,

Bertrand Lorentz
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