Recovering from a hard disk crash

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Recovering from a hard disk crash

Klaus Zeitler-5
my hard disk crashed recently and I've restored most of the data from
a backup disk. Unfortunately I hadn't made a backup of my music
collection for a while, but the banshee database is fairly new, since
I had just made a backup of my home dir a few days before the hard disk
failed. So now the database and the music collection are not in sync
and I wonder what the best way is to fix that. Is there some means
to check if all tracks in the database can be found on the disk?

I could of course delete my database and reread everything again, but
this will delete e.g. my last played data. I think most of the other
data is also stored in the FLAC files. Not sure what other data might
get lost.

I also found quite a few CDs with Unknown data, Tracks etc. where I do
have the proper Artists, Titles and Tracks already in my banshee
database. Can anybody tell me the MySQL query (or something similar)
to get all the tracks for a certain Artist and Album?



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