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Nicholas Little

As a general reply to the problem of unrecognised digital audio players, berniz's workaround is an excellent troubleshooting step I.e. disable any plugins you don't want using the device.

If his suggestion works then it would be excellent for some of you to comment on an existing ipod bug report or create a new one to record the information.

On 21 Oct 2014 12:21, "berniz95" <[hidden email]> wrote:
> gustopn wrote
> > like i wrote in the subject. i have an apple ipod nano 3rd video 8gb and
> > even rhythmbox does recognize it but banshee doesnt. there is no way to
> > tell him that the mounted device is an ipod and so on ...
> Hi gustopn,
> I fixed a similar problem with an iPod touch 2g using the following trick :
> in menu Prefences, thumbnail Extensions, tick off all device types except
> Apple devices.
> Tell us if it works.
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