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Problems with Playlists

Hello -

I am running Banshee 2.6.2 in Linux Mint 17.2, and I use an iPhone 5S. My music library is on a Western Digital external hard drive; it's attached and functioning.

I have several problems when I try to make a CD playlist and burn it in Banshee.

1) I cannot manually sort songs in a playlist.

2) When I left-click on a track to look at properties, it lists the properties for another song in the playlist.

3) I tried to workaround the sorting by dragging to a new playlist in the order I like. However, it actually drops other songs from the playlist, not the one I've selected and dragged.

This is one of three problems I have with Banshee. I'm planning to do separate posts, I hope that isn't annoying. I haven't found solutions in a search of the forum.