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Ideas for contributions to Banshee

Bertrand Lorentz

We've had several questions off-list from potential participants to
the Outreach Program for Women [1] about contributing to Banshee, so I
thought I'd throw some ideas out there, and maybe other people will
come up with more ideas.

As we've recently switch to using GTK+ 3.x in git master, building
Banshee from git might be a bit tricky right now. There are
instructions at [2], but they probably won't work, because a lot of
the dependencies have changed. Up-to-date instruction would be nice.

In general, my suggestion for anyone looking to make a small
contribution would be to find something they want to fix or improve,
and go for it. It can be just changing a label, fixing a small issue,
Instructions on how to contribute code are at [3]

If you think Banshee is perfect, some people disagree and have filed
bugs. So you can look at those bugs at [4] and try to fix one.

Here are just a few of non-coding related ideas:
 - Write some developer documentation for Hyena, the library used by Banshee
 - Write some documentation on the Banshee APIs, targeted at extension
 - Test Banshee with as much media players devices as possible


I hope this all helps !

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