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Mathijs Dumon
Hey there - this has got somewhere in the mist so I'll try again:

I've recieved word from Thomas van Machelen, he's going to update the C#bindings sometime soon, so I started planning a little more.
Basicly I'd love it if somebody could explain me the inner workings of the current Album selector (it's model, the rendering etc.)

I just figured that if could extend the rendering part of the current Album selector (using Clutter), or make the implementation of the album renedering more abstract so it can be changed on the fly, implementing a cover flow or any other type of visualising would become a lot easier (e.g. via a Gtk.Drawable-derived class)

so some information on:
- the relation of the classes involved
- the way album art is stored and cached (Pixbufs? streamed/read from disk on the fly?)
- the rendering of the album art selector

thanks a lot!


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