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Awesome to see you could fork and build. I'm trying tod o same and stuck on the problem that autogen.sh wants the Mono 2.0 GAC and your git repo clearly states it needs 3, and I have 4.5 and well, what gives? I'd be mighty please if you cast your eye over my issue:


and helped me get rolling. If I can get this beast built I'd be pleased and that message has in 2 days received 2 views and no replies. Maybe I'm impatient ;-), but I thought I'd weigh in here where I see some recent forking and building happening and working!

<quote author='Banshee Media Player mailing list'>
Hi folks,

I've been working on my copy of Banshee over the holiday season and
thought some of you might be interested in some changes I've
implemented there:

- revised auto-tools setup:
  > vanilla autoreconf now works;
  > --enable-x switches added for all extensions;
  > some components like the Clients and DAP are also covered;
  > some tweaks to mono discovery to look in extra places.
- improved DAP user experience for MTP:
  > no-longer try to auto-connect, instead;
  > display the potential source interface and connect without UI swapping;
  > it's no faster, but it feels better.
- mostly new user interface, I thought Banshee was looking a little old:
  > with luck this will be lighter, for example it doesn't have filters;
  > slightly different layout, focus on saving real estate;
  > couple of new widgets;
  > uses gtk3 HeaderBar so far, Popovers are planned.

If you check the source you'll notice a somewhat experimental feature
--enable-treeview, which switches Banshee's track list to use an Hyena
widget that inherits from the Gtk.TreeView widget and exposes the
protected interface for ListView, it mostly works as a drop in
replacement though drag and drop is a bit tricky and the album browser
isn't supported by it. On the other hand you get kinetic scrolling and
it feels pretty snappy.

A few bug fixes went into this too, if you want to take a look, the
work is on branch feature/lite:


Anyway, if you've read this far and have some changes of your own that
you want to share then I'd be interested to see them.

Hope you all had a great holiday, cheers!

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