Banshee website is now hosted on GitHub Pages

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Banshee website is now hosted on GitHub Pages

Bertrand Lorentz

If you've been on the Banshee website in the past few weeks, and have
a keen eye for detail, you might have notice a few small changes. This
is because we have recently completed our migration to GitHub Pages.

Previously, our website was using Wordpress, hosted on Aaron's Linode
server. We were not using much of the features offered by Wordpress,
and some operations were a bit cumbersome (in particular converting
release notes to nice webpages).

The new website keeps the same look, but is now built with the Jekyll
static site generator [1] and hosted by GitHub [2]. This brings many
- Free hosting by GitHub
- A simple markdown file and you've got a nice complete web page. You
can still go full HTML if you need to.
- Small edits can be done directly on the GitHub website.
- Anyone can suggest corrections and improvements through the usual
GitHub workflow (issues, pull requests). Just head to the repo at:


Our main domain continues to be, our other domain
names now redirect there.

Before anyone asks, we currently have no plans to move our source code
repo and issue tracker to GitHub, this is for the website only.

Happy website hacking !

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