Banshee Alarm Clock extension 0.4.1 released

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Banshee Alarm Clock extension 0.4.1 released

Bertrand Lorentz

Right after Banshee 1.0 beta 1, a new version of the Banshee Alarm Clock
extension was just released.

The only changes were made to make it work with the new Banshee 0.99.1
or current SVN.

Source tarball is available here :

After compilation, you can install it just by copying the
src/Banshee.AlarmClock.dll file to your banshee addins directory,
usually ~/.config/banshee-1/addins/.

This extension is disabled by default, so don't forget to enable it
through the new "Manage Extensions" tab within your Preferences dialog.

Feedback and bug reports are of course appreciated, on the list or on
the issue tracker.

Cheers !

Bertrand Lorentz <[hidden email]>
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