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Banshee 1, some ideas for the future

I suppose since Banshee 1's release was announced on Digg the forum is expected to be flooded with Banshee 1.0 posts.  Anyway, I downloaded it on Ubuntu Hardy (I tried Banshee almost 2 years ago once but back then wasn't convinced enough to switch from Rhythmbox), so decided to give it another shot.

I am very impressed with Banshee 1.0 now, but there are a few things which I believe are missing or could be improved for future versions, so here goes:

1. Cover art is fetched from the net, but for those albums where cover art is unavailable, Banshee will not look in the album folder for common files as cover.jpg like Rhythmbox does, and I think Exaile also.

2. If cover art is not able to be fetched, you cannot manually assign a cover art on an album, by right clicking -> choose cover art, or similar, so have to make do with a coverless album.

3. When ripping you only have a few choices for file naming conventions/patterns, and the one I want is not there. I want "number - track", the closest there is is "number . track", but it's not what I want with a dot, so I end up ripping with sound juicer again!  A suggestion would be to do something like cdex on Windows, where you can have it any way you like, with percent variables, something like %n - %s (with a description what the variables mean below). This allows the user to choose how they want to name their ripped files.

4. Banshee doesn't seem to support multiple media folders, and if you first setup /home/user/Music to store all your music, then add your videos folder, /home/user/Videos, it COPIES! all the videos in your music folder, this ran my friends computer out of disk space and crashed Banshee completely.  Banshee should allow multiple media folders, and only one ripping folder.

5. When you delete a file or folder from your music collection outside of Banshee, then start Banshee, Banshee fails to detect this and continues to display the album. There is no "rescan media library" button either, only "import media", which only adds new media, but doesn't detect deleted folders. You have to manually remove the album, which is not always as user friendly as just hitting a "rescan media" button to refresh the library, especially if you had deleted quite a few folders.