Banshee 1.0 Quick Impressions and Feedback

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Banshee 1.0 Quick Impressions and Feedback

Firstly I must say that i am impressed best gtk music player i have seen.

LOVE how has been implemented

I have an unhealthy amount of music 100+GB or so and have tried so many music players i have lost track. For windows MediaMonkey is my fav for kde duh its amarok but since KDE4 isnt usable by my standards yet im usin gnome.

Only a few things are missing from banshee that I would "need" to use it seriously

Firstly there is no way to use custom filenames/folder structures which I think is fairly important

There also is seemingly no way to quickly find music.  just press a key to jump to that letter artist in the list would be so useful. (I just kinda figured out the search. having to have everything selected just seems kinda akward to me)

not necessary but also would be nice to chose how album art was saved (for example in the album folder as <album name>.jpg for example)

direct dragging from the album list to the play queue or transfer queue would also be key

I assume i talking common knowledge now but a way of handling multiple artist albums would also be schweet

As for right now that is all think i will be using banshee for now amarok is just to laggy in gnome for me

keep up the good work