Audiobook Library improvements planned?

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Audiobook Library improvements planned?

i really like banshee and it works great for my music library but the audiobook part is useless atm (atleast for me). Now i wonder if there are any improvments planned for this in the near future.
(im running latest stable 2.6 on linux mint 17, couldnt try 2.9 yet)

The following stuff needs to be integrated in my Opinion:

1. 2 Seperate libraries for music and books:
If you add audiobooks manually they will be added to the music library and its possible to drag them over but they still reside in the music library as well. They have to be 2 seperated libaries imo.

2. Option to scan selected book library folder:
It is possible to select a folder for your audiobooks library in the settings but there seems to be no option to scan this folder afterwards and add its content exclusivly to a book library (see 1.)

3. Add sort/display options and Author select:
Atm all Audibooks titles are sorted in the main window after their album name. No option to sort after author. If have lots of radioplays which all begin their album name with a number, this is very annoying.
A option to select a artist/author in a sidepanel like in the music view is another needed feature imo too.

4. Search Option:
The music libraries has this available, why not the audiobooks library as well?

I have over 200 digitized audiobooks/radioplays and currently its impossible to use banshee for this.
But sadly their isnt any alternative available as well. I really like banshee for music tho and would love its audiobook part to improve in the future.

Thanks for your time and work!