Apparent problem with intalling help

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Apparent problem with intalling help

I'm trying to follow this:

and it is proving quite difficult I admit. I am still on step 1:

1. Install the latest version of Banshee, including any devel packages; (the latest git master should work great too! Though you'll need to make install it.)

So I cloned the latest banshee form github, and then the obligatory ./ && make and got all the dependencies sorted with some effort. But now I'm trying to do "make install".

It was bombing on the help install alas. And I could see why after time consuming efforts to diagnose, and it is because help/Makefile there is a loop that runs over the product of pages and locales. But the sources only include all help file sunder C and under each other local a .po file only at present, so the line:

$(INSTALL_DATA) $$d$$doc $(DESTDIR)$(HELP_DIR)/$(_doc_install_dir)/$$doc; \

fails, and at end of this Makefile the overarching make stops.

I fixes this provisionally (not lastingly as Makefile is derived from I think) but encapsulating it in a test for existence of the source file:

        @for lc in C $(_DOC_REAL_LINGUAS); do \
          echo "$(mkinstalldirs) $(DESTDIR)$(HELP_DIR)/$(_doc_install_dir)/$$lc"; \
          $(mkinstalldirs) $(DESTDIR)$(HELP_DIR)/$(_doc_install_dir)/$$lc; \
        @list='$(_DOC_C_DOCS) $(_DOC_LC_DOCS)'; for doc in $$list; do \
          if test -f "$$doc"; then d=; else d="$(srcdir)/"; fi; \
                if test -f "$$d$$doc"; then \
                  docdir="$$lc/"`echo $$doc | sed -e 's/^\(.*\/\).*/\1/' -e '/\//!s/.*//'`; \
                  docdir="$(DESTDIR)$(HELP_DIR)/$(_doc_install_dir)/$$docdir"; \
                  if ! test -d "$$docdir"; then \
                    echo "$(mkinstalldirs) $$docdir"; \
                    $(mkinstalldirs) "$$docdir"; \
                  fi; \
                  echo "$(INSTALL_DATA) $$d$$doc $(DESTDIR)$(HELP_DIR)/$(_doc_install_dir)/$$doc"; \
                  $(INSTALL_DATA) $$d$$doc $(DESTDIR)$(HELP_DIR)/$(_doc_install_dir)/$$doc; \
                fi; \

It then installs fine, and "make install" continues on its merry way to bomb much later when installing Banshee.GStreamerSharp but I'll ask about that in another post.

My question here, as an admitted newb is, why this glaring problem with "make install"? Are none of the contributing developers experiencing this? Is this system specific? Do some Makes pass over the failure without bombing? While mine (Linux MINT 17.2) bombs?

I'm just keen to understand why what looked like an invitingly simple thing here:

is proving so complicated and difficult basically.

Anyhow with the time and motivation to help me understand is a friend ;-).