After killing banshee due to GUI freeze, Play Queue has disappeared

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After killing banshee due to GUI freeze, Play Queue has disappeared

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After running banshee for a while, modifying the Play Queue pretty heavily, I went and added an album's worth of songs as the program was getting toward the end of playing a song (about 30 seconds remaining). The GUI froze and became unresponsive, although the song continued to play to the end. There was silence after that, and I couldn't tell whether anything was going on.

I killed the Banshee.exe process from the command line, then restarted banshee. When it came back, the Play Queue item was missing from the left-hand pane. An "Add to Play Queue" option still exists when I right-click on a song in the music browser, but the GUI crashes right away when I do that.

I've had this happen to me once or twice before (probably late 2014 when it last happened). The only way I was able to restore the program state and get the Play Queue to reappear was by removing the ~/.config/banshee-1/banshee.db file, which meant that all of my song ratings went away.

Welp... Looks like I'm too late. I tried saving a backup of my ~/.config/banshee-1 directory before I mucked with it, but after doing a restore, banshee is not wanting to start. I guess I'm starting over with my ratings and other Banshee settings again.